The Indonesian National Committee for IIASA (INCASA) is the National Member Organization representing Indonesian membership of IIASA.

Main areas of collaborations: 
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Exploring global energy systems and how to transition to a sustainable energy mix

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Sustainable agriculture land management strategies

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Increasing resilience to natural disasters

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Understanding and Improving Air Quality


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New oil palm map to inform policy and landscape-level planning

30 March 2021

New oil palm map to inform policy and landscape-level planning

IIASA researchers have used Sentinel 1 satellite imagery from the European Space Agency to produce a map of the extent and year of detection of oil palm plantations in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand that will help policymakers and other stakeholders understand trends in oil palm expansion to inform landscape-level planning.

11 February 2021

Raising climate ambitions could save millions of lives

Adopting policies that are consistent with achieving the Paris Agreement and prioritize health, could annually save 6.4 million lives due to healthier diets, 1.6 million lives due to cleaner air, and 2.1 million lives due to increased physical activity, according to new research.


RESTORE+: Addressing Landscape Restoration on Degraded Land in Indonesia and Brazil


17 June 2021

Indonesia and IIASA

Options Magazine, Summer 2021: A burgeoning collaboration is exploring how to balance complex tensions over land use and other interlinked environmental issues.
Indonesian collaboration infographic

18 June 2020

Empowering the crowd to restore Indonesia’s forests

Options Summer 2020: IIASA teamed up with Indonesian partners under the RESTORE+ project to establish a national platform for data collection campaigns through the Urundata crowdsourcing platform, thus allowing Indonesians to be more involved in efforts to restore forests and landscapes in the country.
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