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Sabine Fuß
Samantha Knights
Samir K.C.
Samuel Guéret
Sandra Brozek
Sanja Drinkovic
Santosh Karanam
Sarah Hanus
Sarah Hathiari
Saroja Adhikari
SAS and IIASA call for crowd-driven artificial intelligence to help track deforestation
SATFARM Services
Scaling Dynamics of Energy Technologies (SD-ET)
Scaling-up green finance to achieve the climate and energy targets (GreenFin)
Scanning the Eurasian horizon for new CO2 offsetting opportunities
Scenario ensembles and database resources
Scenario Submission Portal for IPCC AR6 WGIII
Scenarios for IPCC Fifth Assessment Report
Scenarios for proactive measures and inclusive policies on migration in Europe
Scenarios Forum 2022
Science across closed borders – the quest for restoring forests in North Korea
Science Advisory Committee
Science Advisory Committee (SAC)
Science and Art: Supporting transformations to sustainability
Science Communication Fellowships
Science communication for a humane world
Science Diplomacy
Science for Policy Podcast: Transdisciplinary research for policymaking
Science, technology, and innovation policy for reducing disaster risk in India
Scientific Conference Committees
Scientific cooperation to build bridges
Scott Spillias
SDG-pathfinding: Co-creating Pathways for Sustainable Development in Africa (SDG-pathfinding)
SDSN Leadership Council Meeting
Sea level rise to cause major economic impact in the absence of further climate action
Sebastian Poledna
Sebastian Poledna receives Complexity in Macroeconomics award
Second consultation of the Advisory Group “Emerging trade routes between Europe and Asia” scenario-building project
Second workshop of the Foresight Exercise “Emerging Trade Routes between Europe and Asia”
Second World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF)
Securing sustainable and resilient food systems for The Gambia
Sergei Scherbov
Sergei Scherbov elected as a new member of the Academia Europaea
Sergey Aseev
Sergey Orlov
Sergey Sizov
Serguei Kaniovski
Setu Pelz
Shaohui Zhang
Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Scenario Database (SSP)
Shasha Xu
Shedding light on how much carbon tropical forests can absorb
Shelby Corning
Shinichiro Fujimori
Shipra Singh
Shocking economics
Shonali Pachauri
Shonali Pachauri as a keynote speaker at the ERLENS launch event
Shonali Pachauri will take part in the Global Methane, Climate and Clean Air 2022 Forum
Shrinking smartly and sustainably
Shubham Tiwari
Shubhi Misra
Sibel Eker
Siddharth Joshi
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Sign up for the CAMALIOT autumn data collection campaign
Silent drivers of biodiversity change across the Earth’s abandoned land
Silvia Artuso
Simon De Stercke
Simon Langan
Simon Levin receives prestigious conservation award
Simulating the environmental and socio-economic effects of shared autonomous electric vehicles: the case of Vienna (SIMSAEV)
Simultaneously reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases
Sinchan Ghosh
Slovak Republic re-establishes ties with IIASA
Smaller scale solutions needed for rapid progress towards emissions targets
Smart Policy Support for Integrated Climate Risk Management (SMARTSUPPORT)
Social and Policy Simulations
Social media data sheds light on air conditioning interest
Social Media Intelligence Mining Tool
Societal transformation towards global sustainability
Socio-Economic & Political Data Explorer
Socioeconomic Pathways, Adaptation and Resilience to a Changing CLimate in Europe
Socioeconomic Pathways, Adaptation, and Resilience to a Changing CLimate in Europe (SPARCCLE)
Solar powered irrigation: a game-changer for small-scale farms in sub-Saharan Africa
Solutions providing multiple resilience dividends require an integrated approach
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SOS Water Project featured in Die Presse
SOS Water Project kicked-off!
SOS Water- Establishing a Safe Operating Space (SOS) for the global water resources system (SOS Water)
Special consultation of TwR Community of Science and Practice (CoSP)
Special podcast: Technology, Big Data, and Agrobiodiversity
Spotlight on Johanna San Pedro: Newest Researcher in the FLAM Team
Staff search
Stakeholder consultations in the Balkans to diagnose and advance the countries' water security agenda
Stakeholder engagement in climate change solutions
Stakeholder engagement, co-production, and transdisciplinary research
Standardization of scenario data collection via the IAMC data template: past developments and future challenges
Standardizing migration data in Europe
Stanford: International scholars chart global energy transformation
Statistical analysis for spatial land use data
Stefan Frank
Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler
Stefan Velev
Stefan Wrzaczek
Steffen Fritz
Sten Nilsson
Stephan Pietsch
Stephanie Carvalho
STI Roadmaps for SDGs – paving the pathways for sustainable recovery and future resilience
Stimulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture (SIGMA)
Stochastic Quasigradient methods: Applications (SQG)
Strategic Initiatives: Fifth Member Organization engagement workshop
Strategic thinking for pandemics
Strategy 2021-30: Reducing footprints, enhancing resilience
Strengthening Synergistic Actions towards SDGs through the Lens of Systems Analysis
Strengthening the climate change scenario framework
Strengthening the resilience of our global food system while advancing its transformation
Strengthening ties between IIASA and Indonesia
Strengthening water resources planning in East Africa
STS Forum 2021
Study identifies regional malnutrition clusters across India
Sub-national Population and Human Capital Projections
Supporting Austria’s path to climate neutrality
Supporting Europe on the path to climate neutrality
Supporting evidence-based policymaking in The Gambia
Supporting national climate policy in Brazil and beyond
Supporting sustainable development in the agricultural sector
Supporting sustainable reindeer management in Finland
Susanne Hanger-Kopp
Sustainability and the SDGs: Promoting a Dynamic Science-Policy Interface
Sustainability Performances, Evidence and Scenarios (SPES)
Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2021
Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2022
Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress 2023
Sustainable Agriculture Matrix (SAM Co-Development)
Sustainable aviation biofuel supply chains in Sub-Saharan Africa
Sustainable Bioeconomy Futures – From Malaysia to South East Asia
Sustainable development pathways achieving Human well-being while safeguarding the climate And Planet Earth (SHAPE)
Sustainable development pathways to water, food, and energy security in the Zambezi basin
Sustainable Energy Development of the Republic of Belarus: State and Prospects
Sustainable Management of Water-Energy-Food- Land-Ecosystem Nexus
Sustainable water management key to scaling up bioenergy production
Sustainable water quality management supporting Uganda’s development ambitions (SWAQ-Uganda)
Sylvain Leduc
Sylvia Tramberend
Symposium: Energy transition for a sustainable society
Synergy solutions for a world in crisis
Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics
Systemic Risk and Resilience Group at Adaptation Futures in Canada
Systemic Risk and Resilience Group presenting at the Conference "Cross-border climate impacts and systemic risks in Europe and beyond"
Systemic Risk Briefing Note highlights complexity of interconnected, interdependent, and uncertain challenges
Systems analysis for a new Arctic
Systems Analysis for Reducing Footprints and Enhancing Resilience
Systems analysis for reducing footprints and enhancing resilience: Reflections on the 2022 IIASA-ÖAW Conference
Systems Analysis in Asia
Systems Analysis in EurAsia
Systems analysis of patterns of COVID-19 spread in Europe and Russia
Systems Analysis Workshop in Jordan
Systems analysis workshop in South Africa
Systems Analysis: Holistic Problem Solving
Systems approach to EU wildfire risk management project (FIRELOGUE)
Systems of understanding - building a network of science diplomacy