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Pallav Purohit
Paris Agreement politics at play: the case for carbon dioxide removal
Parul Srivastava
Past Cohorts
Past Council chairs and IIASA directors
Pat Wagner
Pathways to a sustainable post-COVID world – reports from the IIASA-ISC consultative platform
Pathways to sustainable land use and food systems
Patrick Sabourin
Patrick Sakdapolrak
Paul Kishimoto
Paul Yillia
Paula Abarca del Rio
Pavel Kabat visits IIASA
Pavel Kareem Hodorogea
Pekka Lauri
People at the heart of climate change
People need People - Online Exchange
People profile: From Everest to systems analysis
People profiles: Achieving sustainable development with better data
People profiles: Thinking about policies for just transitions
Peter Burek
Peter Greve
Peter Kolp
Peter Rafaj
Petr Havlik
PETRA Final Activity Report 2022
PETRA: The Role of Persistence in Tackling Austria’s Climate Target – Policies for The Transport Sector
Peyman Arjomandi
Philip Hackstock
Philipp Piribauer
Picture Pile
Picture Pile Platform
Piera Patrizio
Piero Visconti
Ping Yowargana
Pinpointing high impact areas for ecosystem restoration
Piotr Magnuszewski
Piotr Zebrowski
Plan S: Promoting full and immediate Open Access publishing
Planning for a growing elderly population
Planning for future energy needs
Planning for future water security in China
Platform Value Now
Platform Value Now Webinar
Platforms for profit and purpose
Pleas for peace: the urgent need for more diplomacy and science diplomacy efforts in Ukraine
Plotting the future
Plural Rationality Approach (PRA)
Policy Briefs
Policy Simulation: Cascading Resource Scarcity in the Arctic
Pollution Management and Environmental Health (PMEH)
Pollution Management in the Hanoi Region (GAINS Vietnam)
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POPNET Newsletter is out!
Population and Climate Change (PCC)
Population and Environmental Change
Population dynamics and climate change
Population dynamics under global climate change
Population Dynamics Under Global Climate Change
Population Policies and Human Resources in Europe
Population, climate change and food security
Population, food and environment
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Postharvest Storage App
Poverty alleviation is about people
Poverty alleviation is about people
Pratik Patil
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Probabilistic approach to address temporal verification
Professor Tatsuhiko "Tats" Kawashima, IIASA 1977-79 (1940-2021)
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Promoting sustainable development in the aging world
Propane — a solution for more sustainable air conditioning
Public Adaptation Costs: Investigating the National Adaptation Strategy in Austria (PACINAS)
Public Lecture: Scaling up Solutions for Sustainability: The Example of Tropical Deforestation
Publisher agreements
Pursuing carbon neutrality and water security in China
Put people at the heart of energy transition policies, say EU Chief Scientific Advisors
Putting a price on climate change