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Magdalena Tordy
Making comprehensive water resources modeling more accessible
Making sense of climate scenarios: New toolkit available for decision makers
Making the most of crowdsourcing campaigns
Making the Top 100 in Ecology: the story of a successful research paper
Managing an endangered river across the USA-Mexico border
Map Accuracy Tools
Mapping foodscapes to future-proof global food production systems
Mapping habitats in support of biodiversity research
Marek Makowski
Marek Samek
Margit Roth-Ahra
Maria Holzinger
Marie Curie Individual Fellowships
Marie Franquin
Marija Mamolo
Marina Andrijevic
Mario Salgado‐Gálvez
Markus Gigl
Marlene van Doorne
Marta Kozicka
Martin Hofer
Martin Jung
Martin Sandler
Martina Dürauer
Martina Weiss
Martina Wimmer
Mary Douglas Memorial Lecture
Maryna Strokal
Marzena Adamczuk
Masoud Yazdanpanah
Master's Programme "Global Demography"
Matching human movement to climate change
Matching-commitment agreements to incentivize climate action
Mateusz Iskrzynski
Mats Danielson
Matthew Gidden
Matthew Lewis
Matthias Jonas
Matthias Wildemeersch
Maximilian Posch
Maximilian Wolschlager
Mediated modelling of forest ecosystems services to support management (SEPA Modelling)
Meeting biodiversity, climate, and water objectives through integrated strategies
Meeting on Innovation Ecosystems
Melanie Weed-Wenighofer
Mia Landauer
Mia Werning
Michael Foith
Michael Freiberger
Michael Gerst
Michael Kuhn
Michael Le Gohebel
Michael Obersteiner
Michael Thompson
Michael Wögerer
Michaela Potancokova
Michaela Rossini
Michal Pajak
Michalina Kulakowska
Michele Catalano
Michiel van Dijk
Migration challenges in an ageing world under a changing climate
Miguel González-Leonardo
Miguel Poblete Cazenave
Miguel Sanchez-Romero
Mikhail Smilovic
Mikko Heino
Milestone meeting #2
Milica Mihajlovic
Minghao Bai
Minghao Xu
Mirjana Tomic
Mitigating emissions in the livestock production sector
Mobilizing for affordable and clean energy for all, on the road to net-zero emissions
Model for Energy Supply Strategy Alternatives and their General Environmental Impact (MESSAGEix)
Modeling ancient history to inform the future
Modeling Israel’s energy future
Modeling to support sustainable food, energy, and water
Modelling INdividual Decisions to Support The European Policies related to agriculture (MIND STEP)
Modelling the Impact on Circular Economy and Low Carbon Transitions of the COVID-19 Recovery Packages
Monica Manchanda
Monika Bauer
Monitoring biodiversity and ecosystems in Europe
Moonil Kim
Muhammad Awais
Multi-hazard and sYstemic framework for enhancing Risk-Informed mAnagement and Decisionmaking in the E.U. (MYRIAD-EU)
Multi-risk governance approach for interconnected critical infrastructures
Multiple benefits of Disaster Risk Reduction investments
Muneta Yokomatsu
Mykola Gusti
Myroslava Lesiv