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Hans Joachim (John) Schellnhuber appointed as IIASA Director General
Hans Metz
Hao Zhao
Harmonized World Soil Database (HWSD)
Harnessing the power of crowd-driven artificial intelligence
Harnessing the power of crowdsourcing to improve land cover and land-use information (Crowdland)
Harrij van Velthuizen
Health fears can increase pandemic isolation habits in older Europeans
Health insurance as a fuel for medical progress
Heat stress, vulnerability, cooling and energy demands
Heidelinde Trimmel
Helena Zhemchugova
Helping young Africans innovate for climate resilience
Historical Case Studies of Energy Technology Innovation
History of IIASAnet and IIASA Gateway, 1973-1991
Holger Hoff
Holger Rogner
Homo sapiens literata - the brainpower for sustainable development
Hongtao Ren
Honorary Scholars
Hossein Hassani
Hotspots Explorer makes climate risk research accessible
Housing and directions
How can migration, workforce participation, and education balance the cost of aging in Europe?
How can we improve biodiversity monitoring in Europe?
How circular waste management systems can benefit the environment
How citizen science can fill data gaps for the SDGs
How COVID-19 complicates the journey for climate migrants
How COVID-19 school closures will affect inequalities in adult skills
How crushed rocks can help capture CO2
How do droughts affect the ability of trees to absorb CO2?
How effective are social impact assessments in Mexico's renewable energy sector?
How free trade can prevent hunger caused by climate change
How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected immigration?
How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the urban poor?
How healthy are you really?
How is the digitalization of daily life impacting climate change?
How much energy do we need to achieve a decent life for all?
How recovery from COVID-19 and climate policies might affect the use of “clean” cooking fuels
How recovery from COVID-19’s impact on energy demand could help meet climate targets
How reverse globalization hinders regulatory power in an era of concentrated digital markets: discussions from the 8th Eurasian Antitrust Forum
How solid air can spur sustainable development
How solving Central Asia's water-energy conflict can also boost renewable energy generation
How to advance climate policies towards a low-carbon economy
How to find us
How to reverse global wildlife declines by 2050
How we choose to end deforestation will impact future emissions
How we count energy poverty is broken, requires new framework
How we measure the effects of methane matters for climate policy
How will the European Green Deal impact EU Water Policy?
Human Capital and Economic Performance
Human development, sustainability, and agency
Human development, sustainability, and agency
Human Migration in the Face of Global Climate Change
Human Mobility, Global Challenges and Resilience in an Age of Social Stress (PHOENIX)
Hybrid Land Cover of Russia (HLCR)
Hydrogen Deep Ocean Link: A global sustainable interconnected energy grid
Hyungwoo Lim