Econ4um (Economics Forum) is a seminar series organised by the EF Program. The goal of this series is to engage the discussion and cooperation of economic questions arising in the various fields covered by IIASA research. The invited speakers include researchers from all IIASA programs as well as international experts. Below you can find the comprehensive list of previous presentations. Furthermore, the Econ4um also hosts a bi-yearly special seminar series on “Modelling Resilience and Disruptive Changes”. The list of speakers can be found at the bottom of the page.

Econ4um presentations


Dr. Yokomatsu Mineta,
21 June 2023,
A Growth Model of Natural Hazard, Household Heterogeneity, and Human Capital Development

Dr. Fouad El Ouardighi,
24 May 2023,
A dynamic model of environmental collapse

Dr. Elena Parilina,
16 March 2023,
Great fish war with moratorium

Dr. Pauli Lappi,
16 February 2023,
On optimal restoration of damaged stocks

Dr. Leila Niamir,
26 January 2023,
Behavioural Climate Change Mitigation: from individual energy choices to demand-side potentials

Dr. Michael Freiberger,
24 November 2022,
Understanding the limitations of recycling and utilization targets for circular plastics management: a general economic equilibrium model including material flow analysis

Dr. Piotr Zebrowski,
19 October 2022,
Representing fairness and equity in quantitative modeling frameworks

Dr. Stefan Wrzaczek & Michael Kuhn,
24 August 2022,
Resilience: a decision-theoretical approach

Dr. Miguel Poblete Cazenave,
23 June 2022,
Intra-household inequality, adoption of clean cooking technologies and its associated health implications

Dr. Tapio Palokangas,
19 May 2022,
Optimal international policy with r&d-based growth and the risk of global environmental disaster

Dr. Gregor Kiesewetter,
16 December 2021,
(Air-)Pollution and Inequality

Dr. Nikolay Khabarov,
25 November 2021,
The use of the Social Cost of Carbon as opposed to Social Marginal Abatement Cost in Integrated Assessments

Dr. Brian Fath,
3 November 2021,
Regenerative economics


Bi-yearly special seminar series on “Modelling Resilience and Disruptive Changes”


Prof. Anne-Sophie Crepin,
29 June 2023,
Cascading regime shifts in pollution recipients and resource systems

Upcoming Events

03 November 2021


30 November 2023 United Arab Emirates


11 December 2023 zoom webinar AND the Japanese Pavilion at the COP28

EDITS at UNFCCC COP28: Demand-side solutions to disruptions

14 December 2023 Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and online

Energy and well-being - The Indian case study

13 May 2024 Brussels, Belgium

EuropaBON final stakeholder conference